What is Overthinking (Means and Explanation)?

OVERTHINKING is an aspect or moment of life whereby a person thinks for a long a period of time over a common or serious issue. It is also known as RUMINTAION. It is an act of repetitively discussing of something silently in your mind for some couple of days, weeks or months, looking or determining for a possible way out.

It is a moment that a person repeatable dwells or entitles on a same (mostly different) thoughts or outcomes on something to a point that it consumes or get way in your life schedules. At a certain stage of overthinking, it might stopped, partially or directly affect your life actives. It results to stage depression and tiredness of life.

In some chronic aspect of overthinking, it makes you feel stuck on a certain stage of life to some extent that you can’t longer do anything comfortable. It might make you feel abnormal of not doing your daily life activities well again due to the too much tense of thoughts and concentrations over a particular thing. You might find it very hard for you to get it rid of it if you didn’t follow some certain steps and tips which we would discuss too here.

That’s why if you or the person who is overthinking is a student may be seriously be affected in his/her studies because the victim will no longer concentrate on anything else again. That is a setback that can cause demotion or failure in school if during the time of the incident (overthinking), you or the person is wetting exam. That is just a mere worst effect of it.

Overthinking act is not a productive one, you will spend lots of time, in fact days to weeks thinking of which decision or action to take. You will be ruminating over a life matter that is supposed to be decided and address in a very short time. Thought, there are some issue that may requires couple of hours to days thinking on, but it should not exceed a very long time and also should not derive a complete concentration and focus. Your thinking term should be guided with curiousness and limitations so that it would not turn to overthinking stage (not to talk of the chronic stage). The worst and long to recover of overthinking is the chronic stage which causes health problem like high blood pressure. headache e.t.c

Some people might mistakenly categorize overthinking as worried or stressful movement which is absolutely NO. They might be related with one another, but it is quite different and no the same. The difference is that overthinking is determination of way-out and solution on a certain life issue; worry is an act of been troubled on little or big issue that happened or resulted as not expected, while the stress is a moment whereby you fill fatigue and tired of doing, seeing or experiencing something that you aren’t comfortable with.

The three assumed-related words are not the same as I said before. The other two words (worry and stress) are somehow related to terms of overthinking; if you are thinking too much (overthinking), there must be present of the two words (worry and stress) because you must be feeling them at that very moment of overthinking.

While you are thinking of possible decision to take action on, you will suddenly feel worry of thinking which of the ways that comes into your mind would chose, which of them will be possible for you, will of the of them is easy and fast to do; all this opinion pops on mind of any person thinking.

At that time, you haven’t chosen the best option for you to go and that would make you worry of not knowing which to choose. You will seriously feel worry about the issue and without your notice, you will keep thinking and thinking over for some times to the overthinking stage.

While you are thinking too much, you are already overthinking yourself on a certain issue. The stress will come along it way and clash with the overthinking situation. Whenever you are overthinking, you must exhibit both worry and stress at all most the same time. The overthinking becomes heading and the two words (worry and stress) become sub-heading. They go along with each other and the same.

You can feel worried or stressful without overthinking yourself. “Worry” can occur without thinking too much, it happen on certain issue that might have gone wrong or not as expected. While the “Stress” too, it happen as a result of tiredness and can happen with or without overthinking yourself.

Thinking for an average period of time in a sensible and calmly manner might result to a perfect decision or outcomes over a specific issue. But thinking for a long time which affects your other daily and usually activities and also causes health problem like worrying, stress or lack of sleep is exactly what overthinking means.