234 Community Impact Challenge 2024 

The 234 Community Impact Challenge inspires students to generate constructive solutions for local issues, fostering a culture of positive engagement and proactive problem-solving within the community. The project aims to promote students’ sense of civic responsibility while enhancing their skills and positively impacting the community through thoughtful, user-centric initiatives.

Community Impact Challenge 3.0

Stage 1: 

Create a 90-secs video, identify a problem in your community, and share with us how you are providing a solution to the identified problem.

Selection of best 50 entries
A 4-week training(Friday and Saturday) for 50 Changemakers
Certificates of participation will be given to the 50 participants.

Stage 2:

25 people will be selected for excellent participation and given 5K data, tasked to submit their 90 secs video of how they will refine their project using what they have learned.

The top 10 among the 25 will be selected based on the viability of their project videos and receive 30K seed funds

Stage 3:

The top 10 will be tasked with 1 month of their project implementation and submit 90 secs video of the project presentation.

The top 4 winners will be selected as overall winners of 234 CIC 3.0 and rewarded with N200,000 and certificates of excellence

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