Overthinking (Introduction)

Majority of important things in life can make you think to extend of overthinking. Starting from school, job seeking, change of career, buying or living in a specific house, getting a car, marriage or divorce, birthing or children training, tax and many different kind of issue in life – these type of things are major concerns of life that can make you think long and deeply hard of solving and there possible outcomes.

Finding yourself in one of these major things that people differently thoughts on can makes you think throughout for a long period of time. Different possible, impossible, hard, and easy or warrants ways and opinions might pop in your minds during this period of time.

It consumes a lot of time without you knowing. It keeps you silent for a long period of time which will definitely alert the people near you that you are currently in a condition of thoughts. The particular issue will keep popping and reversing back in your mind, thinking of different ways. You will think and think over possible of couple of moments, days or even weeks.

In other side of mind, you will be wondering of what particular is that thing that keep you busy thinking and thinking over, in fact makes you inactive of social life. That is really what is called OVERTHINKING and that is our discussion board.

It is quite normal for you “to think of life matters, especially the important ones”. But in some point, if you keep thinking for a long period of time without limitation, way-out solution and outcomes, it would surely lead to overthinking before you notice. Once you have falling into the stage of thinking too much, it would start affecting your relationship affairs with people, mental health, sleep (taking longtime before you sleep or even wake up while asleep) and many other daily activities of life.