What Causes Overthinking? 

People thinks for a long time on a certain issue of life (that is important and worth discussing silently through mind). It drilled the brain into analysis and determination system without even you noticing.

It caused on a matters of life that are mostly not expected or happen suddenly and worth taking some couple of days to weeks while interpreting, suggesting, discussing, determining and weighing on different lots of possible way out (outcomes) of the topic. It happens throughout and within the mind (heart).

Overthinking mostly occurs on matter that is valuable to your life. It would hard for someone to think to an extend of thinking too much for a long time on a issue that is not important and does worth it. Everyone is working hard toward for a great and beautiful future life and that is why think and think over to make a very standard and profitable move upon life issue so that it would yield bright future.

There are different major matters of life that causes overthinking. See them below:


Marriage or Divorce

Marriage or divorce is one among of the major issue that causes overthinking. If your marriage status is not going well, there is a possibility of you thinking too much.

You might feel so bad, worried and stressful while ruminating on your marriage status between you and your partner (wife). It controls your emotion throughout the overthinking period.

You will be thinking of what to do next and possible thing about your marriage (which might be discussion, holding meeting and reconciliation). In some cases whereby divorce occurs, it takes a very wide time for one to be overthinking on such thing that happened. Overthinking on divorce is worst than marriage settlement.

Children’s (Family)

Children and family issue seems like a major aspect of life that causes overthinking. While planning for a bright future and family, it might lead you to thinking for a long time to determine what to do next or how to go about the issue on board.

As a parent, couple or even a children that has a bright and standard future plan, you might be thinking too much on certain issue of how to do it. You might be thinking of what you should, what will be the outcome and then possible what to after.

Different opinions and determination will be circulating throughout your mind of thinking circle. Your mind will be placing bunch of possible and impossible opinion on weigh for you to chose and take action over a long period of time.

While in some family affairs, children might cause a stir among themselves or between them and some people from other place. The issue might be so very big and thoughtful one. This really put parent into an overtaking situation on how to solve the issue between their children or others from somewhere else. Most especially if the problem looks is a troublesome one, it takes some times before the parent could figure out what they should or can do to solve the problem and have peace.

Some children aren’t trouble at wherever they are or find themselves, while some are quite, cool and gentle. The troublesome children always tend to bring an issue to home – their parents, which make the parent to overthink on.

A lot of issues have happened before between particular children and other, either in school, holiday places, gym or other gathering places which always end up been affecting their parents. Sometimes, even among children of the same house does experience issue between themselves that at last are brought to the table of parent for solution and settlement.

Education (Choosing Varsity)

Education – choosing varsity or course might task you lot of time to think over and over again before deciding on which or what to chose. In education aspect where there are countless number of varsity and facilities that you can chose to study, you might find it hard or contemplating on which you should go for.

It consumes a very long time while thinking of possible varsity to chose at the end of the day. After then, you might jump again into thinking of what course to choose again. Your mind would be suggesting lots of different ways, either relevant or irrelevant along with fears and perfection stanch. The fees (payment) would make you think for some time, especially if you are not rich and financially stable. It sometimes even more serious than choosing of varsity because school fee is among the first thing that determines the varsity you will chose before moving maybe to course specification, education quality and even discipline rate sometimes.

Switching Careers (Job)

Switching of careers and job might take you a controversial time for you think and review different options of job before determining at the end of the day of what kind of career-job will suite your professional or type.

There is tons of career-job which you can opt in to, but the real fact is that you must deeply think before deciding on which of them would you rather go for. Most a times, you have a career before and maybe you are planning to change from the current to another.

So, it would require you to critically think from all sides and crooks to know which career-job would suit your kind and would be even better than the current one. In fact, you might even have your own issue of deciding to switch career-job and that would be your guide of what to do next. It would seriously take and consumes much time of thinking too much over it so as to figure out the possible and suitable outcome.

You mind would keep popping up with different kind of suggestion on career-job. You will also think that “what if I left this career-job and my target one is not job or alternative to the current”, a lot of things which will surely lead to overthinking over a particular time.

Acquiring Car

Acquiring a car is the least among the major things that lead to overthinking. It doesn’t really happen to most car users, but happens to some (minor). Some people found it so confusing and twisted while on the range of acquiring car because they don’t even know which one would go with their types and how they often conduct their daily activities.

They overthink thoroughly to know and determine the type of car they would acquire. They think well before moving further to chose the brand or model of their final determined car.

These are major issues of life that causes overthinking. Some of these might cause a chronic overthinking which affects health and even stopped some other daily activities.

Sometimes, while you fear of failing or attempting a wrong step over an issue, you might felt into act of thinking too much for a long time. You be suggesting and assuming of many opinions on what to do and the possible outcomes of such thing, thinking whether it would suite you expectation. Still at the stage of overthinking, you mind would still be unveiling different questions against what you have thought before. Your mind will filled with lots of new opinions and queries on top of what you thought as solution already before.

That’s it would keep consuming and deviating your concentration and energy. It affects your health at the same time.