“I Started in 2003”: Talented Nigerian Man Invents Device That Uses Salt and Water to Produce Light

Samuel Yakubu, a talented Nigerian inventor, has developed a groundbreaking device called the WATTer Lamp, which provides lighting for homes using a simple water and salt solution. Yakubu embarked on this innovative project in 2003, initially experimenting with kerosene, unripe fruits, and rechargeable batteries.

Expressing his motivation behind the invention, Yakubu stated, “My target when I started was about light. I wanted to ensure that anybody could afford to run it, access it, irrespective of their social status or location. Not everyone can afford to run generators or install solar systems in their homes, but with this, people won’t have to worry about darkness.”

After years of development, Yakubu sent the prototype of his invention to China in 2011 for production through a contact he met via Ali Express. Despite facing challenges and delays, he eventually reached an agreement with the manufacturers in 2023.

In his words: “In 2011, I sent a prototype to China for production through someone I met via Ali Express. I shared the raw materials with them and they began production, but I could not reach them until 2023. In 2023, I was eventually able to travel to China; we reached an agreement and I returned to Nigeria with some of the products.”

Explaining the simplicity of the WATTer Lamp, Yakubu described the easy-to-use process: One pours water and salt into the lantern bag, and the light comes.

This innovative solution offers hope to families struggling with darkness by providing an affordable and accessible source of light, regardless of their financial status or location.