5-year-old boy wins full scholarship to university for his amazing drumming skills

In a remarkable testament to talent and dedication, 5-year-old Jeremiah Travis has secured a full-ride scholarship to Alcorn State University for his extraordinary drumming abilities.

Jeremiah, a kindergarten student at St. Helena College and Career Academy in Louisiana, has been captivating audiences with his drumming prowess since his early days. From banging on his ABC blocks as a baby to becoming a fixture in his school’s band, Jeremiah’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Despite his tender age, Jeremiah’s talent shines brightly as he performs alongside band members who are significantly older than him. His remarkable skills have garnered attention not only during school performances but also at high-profile events such as halftime shows during New Orleans Pelicans basketball games.

Jeremiah’s band director, Chesteron Frye, attributes not only his musical talent but also his exceptional work ethic as key factors in his success. Despite his young age, Jeremiah is always eager to improve his skills, often practicing diligently during breaks and spare moments in the band room.

“He’s 5 years old but he’s always working on his skills. Any free time in the band room or when we go on break, he’s drumming on the floor, getting other drummers to come and just asking them ‘can we play, can we play,’” Frye remarked.

Brandon Dorsey, Jeremiah’s percussion instructor, marvels at his innate talent and drive. Despite occasional doubts about Jeremiah’s ability to master certain drumming parts due to his age, Dorsey is consistently amazed by Jeremiah’s ability to rise to the challenge.

“He is just zoned in. Sometimes, I don’t teach him a part because I think he might not be able to play it. Next thing you know, we start playing a cadence, he just starts playing it and I’m amazed,” Dorsey shared. “What he has, it is God’s gift.”

As Jeremiah continues to hone his skills and pursue his passion for drumming, his journey serves as an inspiration to all who witness his remarkable talent and dedication. With a full scholarship awaiting him at Alcorn State University, Jeremiah’s future in music shines brightly, promising even greater accomplishments in the years to come.

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