All Expenses Covered: UK Varsity Announces Tuition-Free Scholarship for Nigerians 

A generous university in the United Kingdom, the University of East Anglia, has announced that it is accepting scholarship applications from Nigerians interested in studying abroad.

The scholarship is also available for citizens of countries other than Nigeria and can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

According to information available on the institution’s website, all accepted applicants will receive N5.1 million for transportation expenses.

Vanguard reported that the total scholarship fund is N44.3 million, which will be available for every successful candidate.

The scholarship scheme, titled David Sainsbury Scholarships in Global Plant Health, is for candidates interested in pursuing studies in Plant Health.

This announcement precedes the 2024/2025 academic session for candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies and are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies.

The information on the UEA website reads:

“Provided you meet the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be considered for the scholarship, on a competitive basis – no separate application is required. You will be evaluated for the scholarship based on the same criteria used to evaluate your application to enrol on the course.

The necessary information one would need when applying includes one’s achievements in the academic field and academic awards, along with deep experience, knowledge, or affinity for molecular biology, molecular interactions, and genetics.

The criteria also include knowledge of data science, which will be crucial in bioinformatics and statistics

The message continued:

“The scholarship is worth £4,000 – if you meet UEA entry requirements, £5,000 – if your final undergraduate grade is a CGPA 4.1 and above. Amounts will be deducted from your tuition fees, in line with terms and conditions.”