Wema Bank Announces N10 Million Grand Prize for 5 for 5 Promo Finale

Wema Bank has unveiled a N10 million grand prize for the upcoming grand finale of season 3 of its 5 for 5 Promo, set to conclude later this month. Launched in 2019, the 5 for 5 Promo aims to reward the bank’s loyal customers through monthly draws each season.

According to the bank, 1,177 customers have received cash rewards amounting to N63.3 million during the first two seasons of the promo. Season 3, which began in July 2023, features a record-breaking N90 million total cash prize.

Mabel Adeteye, Head of Brands & Marketing Communications at Wema Bank, highlighted the bank’s commitment to its customers. “At Wema Bank, our world revolves around our people and customers. Their support is what has got us this far, so it is only natural that we seize every opportunity to give back to them and fulfill our goal of providing optimum value for every stakeholder,” Adeteye stated.

She added, “The 5 for 5 Promo was birthed from a place of gratitude and commitment to empowering our customers. With each season, we have simplified the requirements and amplified the rewards to ensure everyone can benefit from the promo.”

As the bank wraps up its 79th-anniversary celebration, Adeteye expressed pride in the bank’s diverse customer base. “To the 1,000+ customers that have won over the past nine months and the 120 that will win in the grand finale, I say a huge congratulations,” she said.

The grand finale promises to be an exciting conclusion to a season that has seen increased participation and significant prizes, reinforcing Wema Bank’s dedication to rewarding customer loyalty.