NDA Boarding Secondary School Afaka Teachers Recruitment 2024

Welcome to the Nigerian Defence Academy Boarding Secondary School, Afaka-Kaduna (NDABSS Afaka). The NDABSS – Afaka is located within highly inspiring premises of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. It is a school grounded in discipline, cultivating values that develop self-reliant critical thinkers, who are responsive to changes, socially sensitive, sound in reasoning and stand out in global contexts.

We are recruiting

Our teachers and support staff are an integral part of the school community, shaping our achievements and underpinning the reputation of our school.

The role of Educator/Teacher is pivotal in achieving nigerian Defence Academy Boarding Secondary School’s vision. We are searching for quality educators that can add value to our Secondary Educational School Program.

Calling for Educators in the following areas:

  1. Business Studies
  2. EnglishLanguage
  3. Mathematics
  4. FineArt
  5. HausaLanguage
  6. Music

Nigerian Defence Academy Boarding Secondary School Afaka Website:

Nigerian Defence Academy Boarding Secondary School Afaka Career Portal


NDA, Afaka, Kaduna

+234 8169445399