FG the Bursary Award Now (Up to N150,000 fund)


The Federal Ministry of Education has good news for Nigerian students! They are offering money to help pay for school through the Federal Government Bursary Award. This is a great chance to get some financial help so you can focus on your studies.

A Bursary Award, or simply bursary, is a financial award given to students based on financial need. It’s similar to scholarships but focuses more on financial hardship rather than academic merit.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Purpose: Helps students afford higher education by covering costs like tuition, books, or living expenses.

Eligibility: Awarded based on financial need, though some bursaries might target specific groups or students facing challenges.

Providers: Educational institutions, foundations, or private organizations can offer bursaries.

Bursaries are a great way to bridge the financial gap for students who might not otherwise be able to pursue their studies.

Who Can Apply?

  • Are you a Nigerian student studying Education at a college or university?
  • Are you in your second year or above (including students with disabilities)?
  • Are you not already getting another scholarship?
  • If you answered yes to all these questions, then you might be eligible for the bursary award!
  • If you are chosen to receive the bursary award, you will get N150,000 every year.
  • This money can be used to help pay for your school fees, books, and other expenses.
  • The money will keep coming each year until you graduate.

How to Apply

Here’s what you need to do to apply:

  • Visit the Federal Ministry of Education website. You can find the website address by searching online.
  • On the homepage, find the section for the Federal Scholarship Board.
  • Click on “Federal Education Bursary Award” (EBA).
  • Read the instructions carefully and then fill out the application form online.
  • Once you’ve finished, print a copy of the application form for your records.

Important: Make sure you only apply once! Applying twice will get you disqualified.