Veritas Varsity Launches Digital Skills Training for Over 1,230 Young Nigerians

Veritas University in Abuja has initiated a digital skills training project aimed at equipping more than 1,230 young Nigerians with essential digital skills to thrive in today’s fast-evolving global economy. This initiative is a part of the Innovation Development and Effectiveness in the Acquisition of Skills (IDEAS) program, under the Federal Ministry of Education, with funding from the World Bank through the Innovation Grant Facility (IGF).

Project Overview

Key Components:

– Training Areas: The program focuses on training and certifying participants in several key digital areas including:

  – Basic computer appreciation

  – Computer hardware maintenance and networking

  – Cybersecurity

  – Data science with Python

  – Full-stack web development

Training Format:

– Duration: The program involves three to four months of intensive face-to-face training, followed by a one-month internship and mentoring opportunity for all trainees.


– Employment and Empowerment: The initiative aims to prepare participants for employment or self-employment, providing them with the skills to work in the digital economy, either remotely or onsite.

Event Highlights

Flag-off and Business Pitching:

– Venue: Veritas University, Bwari, Abuja

– Vice Chancellor’s Remarks: Professor Hycinth Ichoku, represented by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Very Rev. Prof. Sasa Michael Sunday, highlighted the commitment to creating job opportunities for qualified participants and addressing youth unemployment.

Project Leader’s Insights:

– Professor Gabriel B. Egbe: Described the rigorous selection process and emphasized the project’s focus on empowering females, people with disabilities, the unemployed, and the underprivileged.

Selection Process:

– Initial Launch: Veritas University joined 450 other private organizations at the initial IGF launch in 2022.

– Proposal Submissions: Out of 188 proposals, 119 were eligible, and after thorough evaluations and site visits, 14 organizations, including Veritas University, were selected.


– Start Date: The project began implementation in February 2024 after receiving the first tranche of funding in December 2023.

Impact and Future Prospects

Training Outcome

– Skill Acquisition: Trainees are expected to acquire sufficient digital skills for employment or self-employment, enhancing their ability to work in the global digital economy.

Employment Prospects

– Job Creation: The Ministry of Education is committed to creating job opportunities for qualified participants, aiming to reduce youth redundancy.

This digital skills training initiative by Veritas University underscores a significant step towards addressing unemployment and enhancing the digital proficiency of young Nigerians, thereby fostering economic growth and development in the country.