Categories Of Overthinking

People overthink in different ways which fill opinions and assumptions in their minds. Some overthinking is better and short than others, though all categories of overdrinking occur based on reasons. 

See them below;

Chronic overthinking

This category of overthinking is an extreme one that affects both the physical and mental health of a person. It occurs over a very high valuable issue of life like divorce, children, or loss of job. The sudden death of someone nears or important to you like a person from your family members can cause chronic overthinking too.

It is a situation whereby a person falls into a serious picnic and trauma uncontrollable situation that strives total attention of a being. It stopped the daily activities of a person due to high tension.

The chronic overthinking situation seems very hard to recover from, but with patience and consistency, one might settle and move on with life. It has a high probability of causing health problems which would be discussed on “effect of overthinking”. It reflects quickly once you felt in the situation. The people near you will definitely understand and notice that something is wrong with you in a very short period of time and it affects you immediately before or after a day.

Average overthinking

Average overthinking is a kind of situation whereby a person fell into thinking of life issues for an average time and concentration. It doesn’t consume a complete concentration. It is more convenient and healthy than chronic overthinking.

The average overthinking mostly occur based on life issues that are not much relevant to one life. Like the issue of career-job changing, acquiring a car, or even an apartment and some average life matters. It can also lead to a health issue, but not as much as the chronic does.

It doesn’t stop you from your daily activities, but your concentration would be divided into two (half for what you are doing and the other half for what you are thinking about). There is a high probability of making mistakes while working because you aren’t fully concentrated.

The average overthinking might take a few days before people will notice and understand that something is wrong with you or the victim. It doesn’t affect healthy so quickly, it will also take a couple of days (within a week) before you will start feeling healthy issues like headaches, etc.

Low overthinking

Low overthinking is the least kind of thinking category that doesn’t strive for concentration than the first two categories. It takes some weeks not before it reflects on your or someone’s face.

This mostly occurs over a minor relevant issue that doesn’t concern you much and doesn’t affect healthy. Even if it will, it would take some weeks while the overthinking started getting high and striving much more concentration than how it does before. A low overthinking situation can turn to average and possibly also extend chronic in a matter of time because if a low overthinking is not tackled, it keeps subordinating the mind with desperate thoughts which will make it continue and extend.

Just for instance if you heard of what someone from somewhere else did something huge or barbaric to his/her neighbor, the news might appear somehow to your mind-nervous more or less than it should be.

Your mind began to think of it slowly without concentrating much on it, you were doing well and your relationship affairs are also going well. After some days, that same news keeps popping into your mind. Your mind continues ruminating on it several times without number and at that very stage, your thinking would extend to another category without you noticing. It would start striving your attention away. Once you felt for it, your mind has collaborated already and you are now on another level of overthinking.