Symptoms Of Overthinking

Different symptoms define you whenever you are into overthinking acts. A lot of people found it very hard to know or confirmed whether they are overtaking themselves. 

An overthinking symptom is a sign or reaction that shows and proves you or someone is deeply thinking too much for a long time. It is a particular way to know, detect and understand whenever you or someone has fallen into an overthinking situation. There are symptoms in which you (as a person) can find out whether you are overthinking or not.

There is also how you can find out if someone is overthinking him/her (self). Some people don’t know or find it hard to announce or reveal whenever something is happening or goes wrong (not expected) to their partner or family. The partner or family can only find out through the tactical symptom and maybe knows how to tackle and overcome the situation.

In this case, the symptoms are categorized as two which include “symptoms to find out if you are overthinking” and also “symptoms to find out if someone is overthinking”.

Symptoms To Find Out If You Are Overthinking

This is a category of signs that shows and proves whether you are overthinking the issue of life. Once you started thinking too much for a long period, your actions and affairs would define what you are going through and they are classified as SYMPTOMS.

Below are they;

  • Ruminating for a long time (days to weeks) without final determination.
  • Thinking for some times which makes you mute on social affairs that you normally discuss before.
  • Thinking about something that leads to sleeping late or waking up asleep and keeps on thinking again.
  • Thinking with full concentration for a long time that stops or makes it hard for you to carry out your daily activities.
  • Thinking, worrying, and feeling stressed throughout for a couple of days.
  • Your facial reaction would change (not happy and mostly looking boring).
  • You will be experiencing headaches and stress always even without doing anything.

These are the basic symptoms that you experience or feel whenever you are thinking too much. You experience almost all the symptoms listed above during the period of overthinking.

Symptoms To Find Out If Someone Is Overthinking

These kinds of symptoms are a sign that defines and help you to know and understand whenever someone is going through excessive thinking for a long time. These symptoms would help you know if someone near you like a partner or family (children) is experiencing the trauma of something about life.

There are different kinds of people that you are surrounded by and it is possible they might not express or reveal what they are going through in life. They think too much about life issues silently without revealing the particular issue to anyone. To find out if they are truly going through deep overthinking, you must observe their action and movement well to confirm the symptoms.

Below are the symptoms;

The person would be always silent throughout the period, looking at something directly with eyes but his/her exact mind is not there. Though there are people who are shy in nature, their mind or face looks free.

The victim’s face would always look boring and troublesome for the meantime of overthinking.

The person’s social affairs would change, stopped or reduce from usual. While there is a situation whereby people get quarrel among themselves which might lead to change in a social affair with people. But if it happens just like that without an issue among them, the person must be experiencing overthinking over life issues.

  • The person feels uncomfortable and thinks for some days, finding it hard to sleep or waking up on sleep.
  • The victims would be feeling worried, tired, and always thinking.
  • The victim will be experiencing headaches and stressful moments even without doing anything.

These are most of the signs – symptoms that appear whenever someone is going through overthinking without notifying anyone.