You can make $10,000 a month using Microsoft Excel.

Side hustle: Data Entry There are countless well-paying Microsoft Excel data entry jobs available online. Follow this guide to make money:
1. You must learn the basics of Excel
2. Learn how to use AI in Excel Here’s a add-on for Excel you need to master to get started
The add-on is , The ChatGPT for Excel users. This lets you use ChatGPT as a spreadsheet formula. Open a spreadsheet, write your prompt, use the =AI() formula, drag down your cell, and apply it to every cell. It’s the only add-on you need.
Easily use it to: – Generate content based on other cells – Summarize, translate, and rewrite – Analyze reviews at scale – Reformat and extract information – Enrich existing data, Here are some additional ways to leverage ChatGPT for data science in Google Sheets: – Analyzing customer empowerment in reviews – Formatting phone numbers – Filtering out names from support emails – Categorizing customer review topics

Supercharge your Marketing in Google Sheets with ChatGPT: – Craft catchy one-liners for product ads. – Streamline product classification. – Optimize SEO meta descriptions from product descriptions.