NYSC Registration 2024 Procedures For All batches



This guide simplifies the online registration process for the 2024 batch, ensuring a smooth start to your service year.

  • Stay Connected: Have a working email and phone number. NYSC will use them to reach you.
  • Proof of You: Prepare a valid ID like your National Identification Number (NIN), passport, or voter’s card.
  • Your Academic Journey: Originals and photocopies of your final year ID card, endorsed statement of results (B.Sc. or HND), and any program-specific certificates (e.g., for medical students).

How To Make Sure On Registration 

  • Check the NYSC Timetable: Find the official mobilization schedule on the NYSC website ( This outlines key dates for your service year.
  • Know What You Need: Familiarize yourself with the specific registration requirements for 2024. The NYSC website has a dedicated section with all the details (

Pre-registration Steps (Locally Trained Graduates):

Senate List Check: This is crucial! Ensure your details are uploaded correctly on the NYSC portal. Only graduates on the official Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists can register. Verify your information using your matriculation number.

Get an Email: If you don’t have one, create a working email address for registration.

Registration Time

  • Create Your Account: Head to the NYSC registration portal ( and use your email to create an account.
  • Activate Your Account: Check your email for the activation link and click to activate your new account.
  • Fill In Your Details & Take Your Photo: Provide basic information like your name, date of birth, and institution.
  • Choose Your State : Indicate your preferred state for service. Consider factors like family, job opportunities, and climate. However, NYSC may assign you elsewhere based on national needs.
  • Make the Payment: Use the portal’s Remita platform to pay the registration fee (around ₦2,786.24). Additional transaction charges might apply. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure successful payment.