Nigerian Correctional Service Salary Structure & Rank

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), previously known as the Nigerian Prison Service, is responsible for managing the custody, rehabilitation, and reformation of prisoners in Nigeria. The NCS is also one of the highest paid paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

The agency operates under the direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is responsible for creating and implementing punitive policies throughout the federation. There are more than 240 Correctional Centers located across the nation.

As a paramilitary organization, the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) pays its officers according to their rank and qualifications. Below are the ranks, salary structure, and duties of the NCS.

The highest rank in the NCS is the Controller-General, who is appointed solely by the President of Nigeria. This is followed by the Deputy Controller-General, and the lowest rank is that of prison assistant.

Below are the ranks and level of NCS;

    • Prison Assistant (PAI): Level 3 – Level 5
    • Inspector of Prison (IP): Level 6
    • Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP): Level 7
    • Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPII): Level 8
    • Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPI): Level 9
    • Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP): Level 10
  • Superintendent of Prison (SP): Level 11
  • Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP): Level 12
  • Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP): Level 13
  • Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP): Level 14
  • Comptroller of Prison (CP): Level 15
  • Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP)
  • Deputy Comptroller General of Prison (DCGP) Consolidated
  • Comptroller General of Prison (CGP)

The full list of salaries for the Nigerian Correctional Service for 2023 is shown below. These do not include the new minimum wage that the federal government announced on May 1, 2024.

    • Prison Assistant (PAI) – ₦ 296,406 to 374,289
    • Inspector of Prison – 357,395 – 411,494
    • Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP): 483,914 – 567,965
    • Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPII) – 898,956 – 986,901
    • Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPI): 939,390 – 1,056,496
    • Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP): 1,012,592 – 1,143,599
    • Superintendent of Prison (SP)- 1,094,097 – 1,252,098
  • Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP): 1,158,172 – 1,325,23
  • Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP): 1,225,594 – 1,405,499
  • Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP): 1,619,497 – 1,825,599
  • Comptroller of Prison (CP):  1,759,991 – 1,966,291
  • Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP): 2,272,298 – #2,464,590
  • Deputy Comptroller General of Prison (DCGP) – Not Disclosed.
  • Comptroller General of Prison (CGP) – Not Disclosed.

Other Benefits and Allowance Packages for NCS

The employees of Nigerian Correctional Service are not only remunerated on a salary structure. They are also compensated with other benefits and welfare packages. Also, allowances paid to the officers of the NCS varies depending on the officer’s rank.

Below are some of the benefits that accompany the service.

  • Transport Allowance
  • Maintenance Allowance
  • Accommodation Allowance
  • Clothing Allowance


  • This salary scale is an estimate based on research, not from Nigerian Correctional Service.
  • The salaries in the NCS for each rank may vary, as a NCS officer who has held a rank for three years may not receive the same salary as one recently promoted to that rank.