Link to apply Youthrive Program Youthrive Program Transformative Initiative

The program is a groundbreaking collaboration between the bank and the Vice President’s office, dedicated to empowering Individuals and MSMEs. With a focus on capacity development, financial empowerment, and business exchange, the program aims to impact 4 million youths over the next four years.

Capacity Development

Get empowered with practical skills essential for entrepreneurship and employability.

The Capacity Development pillar of the youthrive Program aims to impact over 300,000 MSMEs nationwide through a hybrid delivery model. This pillar ensures comprehensive development and access to foundational knowledge for participants.

Our expansive curriculum is focused on;

Skills Enhancement

Innovation Promotion

Industry Exposure

Creative Learning

Career Readiness

Get ready to become an empowered MSME or a well-rounded individual set to tackle the challenges of the modern workforce, the business world, and the creative industry.

Access to Funding

Unlock funding opportunities: Discover grants and loans for your aspirations!

This program is set to empower over 700,000 MSMEs with N50 billion in loans. As a testament to its commitment, the program not only provides financial aid but also awards grants to the top-performing participants. This strategic approach ensures that the participants not only gain knowledge but also receive the necessary financial support to turn their ideas into reality.

How to apply

interested applicants can apply via the below link address

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