Important Updates on the Continuation of N50,000 FG Grant Payments

Are you among those who applied for federal government grants and loans? Here are the recent updates regarding the continuation of the N50,000 grant payment. Yesterday, May 31, 2024, the federal government continued payment to those who had received the message of bio-capturing and made the effect. It is important for everyone who applied for the grant to take note of the following:

1. NIN is a major requirement for the federal government grants and loans scheme.

2. Applicants who have already filled out the form should simply log in and update their loan application with their NIN.

3. Grant applicants who have already filled out the form should update their NIN by clicking this link:

Failure to do any of the above may lead to your being unsuccessful or failing to receive your N50,000 grant.

1. Did you receive a bio capture message?

2. Did you link your NIN to the FG grant portal?

3. Did you receive your N50,000 grant before receiving the message of bio-capturing?

4. Did you receive a message, and are you yet to receive your N50,00 grant? Which of these categories do you belong to? Drop your comments; somebody is here to address your issues.

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Some pictures evidence of the payment