How to earn $10,000/m with No-Code tools.

1 . Framedrop

Turn long videos into:

Short videos
TikTok videos
Short videos
Dynamic videos, etc.

Try here :

2. Lexdotpage / lexdotpage

Unlock your best writing with Lex.
Any time you don’t know how to continue your text, type +++ and Lex continues for you.

It also helps generate titles for your texts!

3. Runway / runwayml

Runway is the content creation suite from the future. It has magical AI tools like:
– change images with text descriptions
– remove objects in videos
– remove video backgrounds
– expand images with descriptions (as seen in the video)

4. DiffusionBee /diffusionbee

DiffusionBee is a free macOS app for Stable Diffusion. Give it a text prompt, and it generates a picture based on your text.

8. Talk to books

Get quotes from more than 100 000 books that respond to your question.

A creativity tool by Google to explore new ideas and get relevant quotes.