Goethe-Institut Studio Quantum Residency Programme 2024

Studio Quantum is an international events and artist-in-residence programme from the Goethe-Institut, exploring emerging quantum technologies through the lens of art. Studio Quantum is exploring important cultural, ethical and ecological questions around the impact of quantum technologies. The project consists of three key strands: residencies, events and a project showcase. 

Studio Quantum

The programme and accompanying event series will explore the impact of quantum computing on sustainability and climate change, the relationship between quantum technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as data security and data encryption.  

Who Can Apply For Studio Quantum Residency

Artists applying to the Studio Quantum artist-in-residence programme should:

  • Have an interest in technology and innovation, demonstrated through previous work.  
  • Be established in their practice. 


  • Be interested in learning about or developing their understanding of quantum technologies.  
  • Be motivated to work with experts and partners in cultural, educational and tech sectors.   
  • Contribute to a new global network of experts, cultural partners, scientist and artists to share their findings/work in a professional setting.   
  • Participate in one event (format tbc – interview, presentation, discussion etc) as part of their residency.   
  • The artists selected should be willing to participate in or contribute to a project showcase in Germany in November 2024. For the artists participating in the residencies in autumn 2024, this can include remote participation and presentation of preliminary findings.   
  • Be proficient in English (C1+)

Application Process

The following documents and materials should be prepared for the Studio Quantum application:  

1. A short proposal outlining the focus of the residency time and what you would hope to achieve, research, develop or create. 


2. Indicate which theme your proposal aligns with the most:   

  • Quantum technologies, sustainability and climate change.  
  • Quantum technologies and artificial intelligence.   
  • Quantum technologies, data security and data encryption.   
  • Wildcard 

3. An indication of the preferred residency location (Number one is the first choice, then number two, and so on. 

E.g., 1. Lagos, 2. Karlsruhe 3. Dublin).Artists should fill out all three locations.

4. A proposed production budget of up to 3000 EUR for the residency period relating to the outline above that covers any materials required.  


5. An up-to-date C.V. including links to websites and previous work.