Call For Application : Prize Innovation NPI 2.0 (Win $220k)


Can your startup create ground-breaking, tech-enabled solutions in your industry? If the answer is yes, submit your application to NPI 2.0. Up to US$220,000 to be won in prizes and an all expense paid training programme in Silicon Valley, USA.


About NPI 2.0


NPI is poised to identify, build, and channel the country’s latent potential in innovation and technology to catalyze economic growth, enhance the nation’s productive capacity, create jobs, and optimize resource sustainability.


It is designed to encourage and support homegrown creativity within the digital sector and to fund new ideas that could potentially result in cost-effective, scalable, and transformative impact not just for Nigerians, but communities across the world.


NPI 2.0  Mission


Within the remit of NSIA’s mandate, NPI’s mission is to increase Nigeria’s socio-economic competitiveness by promoting, strengthening and harnessing homegrown tech-enabled solutions through collaboration across the digital ecosystem. 


NPI is a socio-economic development programme for the NSIA. The Authority seeks to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria by creating an enabling environment that fosters co-creation, collaboration, and cross-pollination of ideas within the digital ecosystem.




  • To recognise and reward Nigerian innovators and start-up founders in the tech ecosystem.
  • To act as an early-stage investment catalyst for innovators.
  • To mentor and equip founders with the tools required for scaling and product-market fit.
  • To connect startup founders to potential investors.
  • To create a community of connected individuals to ensure partnership across the ecosystem.


The purpose of the program


The programme is expected to catalyze the growth and development of the Nigerian technology ecosystem by identifying budding technopreneurs, enhancing their capabilities, and providing a platform to showcase and scale their digital solutions on a global scale.


The Prize


Ten (10) finalists will win varying prizes. The top three (3) winners will receive a mix of cash and equity to support their startups. They will receive funds in 75:25 equity and cash mix in exchange for a stake in their company which will be determined after a valuation. 


The top ten (10) finalists will participate in an all-expense paid, 5-weeks training programme at a top-rated US university in Silicon Valley and also have an opportunity to pitch to angel investors and obtain global exposure.


Winner Prize 




Interested Applicants Should APPLY NOW