Apply Google pays $150 per hour.

To make $150 per hour, you need to learn skills. Use Google’s platform for learning marketable skills: SkillShop. Check it out here: 
There are a lot of learning materials, but you need to choose Google Ads or digital marketing. These two are high-income skills. Here’s what to do: 1. Choose a skill 2. Learn it 3. Practice it 4. Create a portfolio Next steps:
Use one of these platforms to get hired: 1. Remotive 2. WeWorkRemotely 3. Flexjobs 4. Indeed 5. People Per Hour 6. Upwork 7. LinkedIn Jobs Here’s people on Upwork making $100k+ a year giving this service.
Steps to follow: 1. Learn a skill 2. Practice it 3. Create a portfolio 4. Hunt for remote jobs on LinkedIn or Upwork Get started today.