Alternative Method For FG LOAN GRANT NIN Verification

The management of the FGLOANGRANT PCGS has provided an Alternative Method For FGLOANGRANT NIN Verification due to the difficult situation applicants are going through via the first verification method.

The FGLoanGrant PCGS applicants can verify their NIN using the alternative methods via the link below:

Applicants are to use this link as the alternative link for the FGLoanGrant NIN Verification.

You will be required to use your Surname, BVN and NIN to complete the verification. Ensure that your Surname and BVN match with what you applied with.

payment for applicants who had successfully verified their NiN is ongoing. So the earlier you verify your NIN the quicker you get paid.

NIN Verification is a necessary criteria to get paid according to management. No NIN Verification no payment, that is the rules.