Ministries of Foreign Affairs Latest Recruitment – AU

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then called the Department of External Affairs, came to being in the year 1960 shortly after Nigeria attained independence.

The Ministry is committed to advancing the national interests of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and promoting African integration and unity, international cooperation for global peace and security, a fair global economic order, and democratic values.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria wishes to inform qualified Nigerians of available vacancies in the African Union, a continental union of 55 member states with a strategic framework for delivering on Africa’s goal to promote inclusivity and sustainable development, headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The African Union Internship Program provides an opportunity for interns to complement their educational experience and to develop their professional skills and experience through The AU internship program is a full-time engagement through which qualified individuals from diverse academic backgrounds are given the opportunity to gain professional exposure within the AU. As an organization which promotes respect for diversity and team work, we encourage all qualified individuals to apply. Applicants should have a keen interest in the work of the AU and demonstrate the ability to interact with individuals from various cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

Qualifications and Requirements:
    • Actively enrolled in at least the final year of a Bachelor’s degree program OR
    • Must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or an advanced/ post graduate (Masters) qualification in a related academic field;
    • Be nationals of a Member State of the African Union.
    • Be full time students currently enrolled in the final year of their Bachelors or graduate school program.
    • Be fluent in at least one of the African Union working languages (Arabic, English, French or Portuguese).
  • Be no more than thirty-two (32) years of age at the time of selection.
  • Possess the highest standard of moral conduct and integrity.
  • Have not been convicted of any serious criminal offence excluding minor traffic offences.
  • Prior work experience is not required for the internship positions.

Required Skills

  • Proficient computer skills (MS Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • Proficiency with e-mail and internet applications,
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing
  • Proficiency in one of the AU officials working languages (French, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Kiswahili) and fluency in another AU language(s) is an added advantage

Core Competencies